Let’s work together to make North London climate-friendly
Together we can!
EcoCounts runs a Climate Action Group. Joining us costs nothing but your engagement!

Wondering how you can tackle the climate crisis?


You may think alone you can’t do very much, but as a part of a group, even small contributions make a difference. Join EcoCounts and you join a community of like-minded people. Together we can work out the best and most inspiring ways to live more sustainable, environmentally-friendly low carbon lives.


This is a community approach to a global crisis. Everybody brings their own passions to the group, and finds out the best way to tackle whatever they think they can manage. Whether you’re looking for the next challenge for climate champions, or quick wins for high burners, the EcoCounts community covers the whole panorama of sustainability.

Personal Carbon Footprints for the average Londoner in tonnes of CO2 p.a.
Food Carbon Count 1.5 tonnes for food
1.9 tonnes Home Carbon Count for home energy
2.4 tonnes for transport Transport Carbon Count

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Next Scheduled Workshop

🕖 When: Saturday 20th May at 11:00am

🌍 Where: Space4, 2nd Floor, 113-115 Fonthill Road, N4 3HH

🚇 Transport: Finsbury Park rail, tube & bus station

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🙋 this outlines the workshop structure and what makes it so effective

EcoCounts Local Climate Action

Let’s get together and develop plans to:

  • Lower our impact as a group, each doing what we can
  • Bring about change with pragmatic actions that can be rolled out as a blueprint to new groups in new locations
  • Build tools, a knowledge base and resources we need to tackle the climate crisis at a local level

EcoCounts Local Climate Action Ideas

Let’s share ideas for practical and affordable environmental, sustainable and nature-based solutions to help our area thrive:

  • How to track and reduce CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint
  • Re-using, repurposing and recycling
  • How we can shop and eat better 
  • How we can better manage energy and water usage
  • How we can care for nature and our built environment
  • Reaping the mental, health and financial benefits of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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