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Every self-respecting climate-friendly, sustainability website has its list of things to do, and this is ours! Being eco doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact there are lots of ways you can save money and be more climate-friendly. Here are the top changes you can make to live more sustainably.

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Palm Oil

Analysis paralysis in the palm oil industry. Palm oil is grown in the Tropics on land cleared from the rainforests. It is contained in 50% of all products consumed in the industrialised world, including everything from soap to jet fuel. Most efforts to contain the expansion of the industry and save rainforests have failed. The…

Some of the Better Headlines

Negative news headlines have dominated over the last few weeks and the usual doses of “stubborn optimism” and “reasons to be cheerful” didn’t exactly hit the spot last week, so here’s an EcoCounts version:

Pot Plants for Insects

Honeybees, mining bees, bumblebees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths all need our help. Grow these pollen and nectar-rich herbs: Try these flowering pot plants: but forget about verbena, pelargoniums and fuchsias as far as the insects are concerned.

Organic and Cheap?

Organic food is produced without agrochemicals but generally costs more. Perversely, some marketing for organic food leads us to believe it’s only for the wealthy, presumably because the marketing is based on its high cost or because they believe it must taste better, and usually it doesn’t. It’s just better for nature, the farms and…

Earth Day Workshop Report 2024

We launched a new collaborative game-based workshop tentatively titled “Crisis Origins” that uses the same format as the Climate Fresk. By all accounts it went down well although there are still some rough edges. The game demands players to lay out the causes of the crisis by order of importance, according to the players’ opinions.…

Earth Day Workshop 2024

EcoCounts Workshop II: the London Climate Crisis Changing the World when Change is Hard 🗓️ Earth Day, Monday April 22nd at 7:00pm 🌍 At the Islington Climate Centre, upstairs at Angel Central near Vue Cinema entrance, in the old burger bar next to Wagamama in, 21 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS 🕖 Duration: 2 1/2…

Good Coffee

80% of coffee is grown by smallholder farmers, a population of 125 million spreading from Brazil to Vietnam. The farmers are sadly but typically the ones to see the least profit from their coffee – “large holder” farmers often stop producing when the coffee price on the international commodity markets drops too low, and smallholders…