About EcoCounts

We received charitable status from the UK Charities Commission in 2021, charity number 1196590.

EcoCounts has been set up to encourage people to feel able to go green, be more sustainable, be more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint as they go about their everyday lives, connecting in small groups of like-minded people. For some this is easy and for others harder, but doing it as a group offers not just access to advice and information but also support and encouragement.

Right now, we are recording our carbon footprints and other measures of our sustainability. In the future, we will create a personal carbon trading group, which has been shown to produce overall lower emissions than without.


Hugh White who was born in Canada, studied in Edmonton researching plant biochemistry before moving to University College London where he became a senior lecturer in biochemistry and eventually Faculty Tutor in Life Sciences. He is a joint author of Cell Biology – a short course published by John Wiley. He is active in a neighbourhood garden group Wilberforce Gardeners, the Finsbury Park & Stroud Green Neighbourhood Forum, and is a member of the Stoke Newington Conservation Area Advisory Committee.  

Kate Calvert studied English and French literature at Bristol University before working in Australia and travelling back through Asia. She has worked as a travel journalist and administrator and chairs the Better Archway Forum, a community group which works to improve planning decisions in the north of Islington. She is also on the committee of Tufnell Park Parents, a support group for around 1,000 local families. She is currently training in Systemic Constellations, a method for diagnosing and resolving issues in different fields.

Caroline Thompson is a fully qualified accountant with an economics degree from Newcastle University, followed by an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York. She has worked for the US-based Kobalt Music Group followed by Zelp Ltd which works to make beef and dairy genuinely sustainable. She is currently working as CFO at Sitigrid, a clean tech startup, accelerating the transition to renewable energy. Her skills include financial and strategic analysis and working with teams to reduce staff turnover. She also volunteers as a mentor to young adults looking for guidance on their future careers.


EcoCounts has an appointed safeguarding person who is responsible for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children / young people and vulnerable adults within each project.

The designated SP is: Adam Hardy (contact via [Encoded]). This person is supervised and supported by trustee Kate Calvert ([Encoded]).