Invitation to a Climate Fresk Workshop

A climate fresk - cards explaining climate science

Play Climate Fresk and be inspired, consoled and informed about the reality, dangers and demands of climate change.

This is a collaborative workshop with a card game that teaches all the causes and effects of global warming, directly from the UN IPCC scientific reports – as played by almost 1 million people across Europe already. The team must lay out cards featuring the concepts of climate change in sequence of cause and effect, with help from the descriptions on the cards, the pooled knowledge of the group, and the trained Fresk facilitator (if you really get stuck), followed by a discussion of what this means for us, personally and socially.

Facilitated by EcoCounts volunteer Adam Hardy

Halfway through we will break for some home-made soup and bread 🫕 🍞

Next Scheduled Workshop

When: Monday Feb 27th at 6:30pm

Where: Space4, 2nd Floor, 113-115 Fonthill Road, N4 3HH

Transport: Finsbury Park rail, tube & bus station

Register: Eventbrite