May 2023 Fresk Workshop Pics

We had 9 participants on Saturday last week (May 20th) and it went way over time. Everybody was motivated right to the end though so no worries there. The people who run Space4 provided their rooms again, so thanks to them 🙏

It was really good to see the team getting into the artwork – there must have been some amateur artists in the group this time. The art phase is important, according to the psychologists behind Climate Fresk, because it helps the transition from all the heavy thinking into the often emotional action phase.

Our next workshop is a larger affair on Saturday July 1st to bring local people together, present EcoCounts and ask what they think EcoCounts should concentrate on when trying to motivate people in climate action.

wide panorama shot of workshop's climate fresk

PS Fresk is slang French for fresco.

This was the infographics set

More images

By Adam Hardy

Zoologist at heart. Environmentalist by necessity. Stage hand, financial trader, secretary, card payments designer, software developer, fossil fuel big data warehouse consultant. Amateur psychologist. Now climate change salvage engineer.