Renewable Energy at Home

Which? Magazine recommends either Good Energy, Ecotricity or GEUK as the best providers of renewable energy to domestic households. With the massive price rises and the uncertainty in the market from the Ukraine war behind us, companies are now taking on new customers.

Many people don’t understand the need for customers to move away from the fossil fuel-based energy providers like EDF Energy, Shell, Sainsbury, British Gas or E.ON often because it’s difficult to see how it can help when electricity all comes from the grid.

Using an energy provider that pledges to provide a certain percentage of its supply from renewable energy is important though. It supports the companies that buy and supply their electricity from wind, solar and other renewable sources. Gas providers can also be greener by supplying methane recovered from landfill sites or animal waste fermentation, although this has a very limited effect in comparison to the renewable energy supplies.

The UK (and European) energy markets and the national grid are complicated frameworks with many disadvantages and faults and that might put people off. But moving to a renewable energy provider has many benefits, not just for reducing CO2 emissions, but also in the help you can obtain in going green in other areas – the green providers are mostly very well placed to provide advice on installing electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, heat pumps, smart meters and other low carbon changes to your home.

Resources for Renewable Energy at Home

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By Adam Hardy

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