Support (1) a church going green and (2) pressure Islington Council on buildings

View from over St Luke's steeple

Two great easy eco actions you can take.

➡️ St Luke’s West Holloway is fundraising to get the last few thousand pounds needed to install solar panels on their church roof. Read more details about it here. You can donate via Stewardship as a guest without needing an account. Even a little donation will help them get over the line. St Luke’s Church is a charity which needs to raise money as well as give it out – a quick example of their recent activities includes pressuring their Church of England diocese to divest their investments from fossil fuels, running a night shelter (before the pandemic), doing outreach to the local community for all types of needs, installing a heat pump to reduce the need for mains gas, and of course providing solace for climate anxiety along with all sorts of other spiritual woes. This is their website.

➡️ Secondly, Islington Council could help local homeowners undertake eco-retrofits to make their houses more energy efficient, if only they would change their planning process. Add your voice to the 38 Degrees campaign “Greener Grade II listed and conservation area homes” here.

More information on retrofits in conservation areas here:

By Adam Hardy

Zoologist at heart. Environmentalist by necessity. Stage hand, financial trader, secretary, card payments designer, software developer, fossil fuel big data warehouse consultant. Amateur psychologist. Now climate change salvage engineer.

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