Lawns, grass and nature

Everyone loves a nice lawn but in the 21st Century, lots of us are seriously worried about the carnage beyond our gardens and what we can do to help nature – #NoMowMay is the latest. Plant fanatics PLANTLIFE advocate not mowing for the whole of May to encourage natural wildflowers to bloom. Admittedly the finer points from an ecological point of view are well worth discussing but we can do significant good by the simple act of not mowing in May.

If you are not lucky enough to have a lawn at all or one big enough to reserve a patch for wildflowers, you can still ask your council not to mow in May or to set aside park areas for wildlife (the photo is London Fields in Hackney).

By Adam Hardy

Zoologist at heart. Environmentalist by necessity. Stage hand, financial trader, secretary, card payments designer, software developer, fossil fuel big data warehouse consultant. Amateur psychologist. Now climate change salvage engineer.