Climate by Numbers

A collection of symbols for visual signposting of sustainability categories - Image from Shutterstock

We started with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are great for numbers, but not ideal for everyone, however they are good enough for phase one while we prove what we can do (we have plans for running our personal carbon accounts on technology suitable for everybody). First of all though we have to work out the how and the why, discover what we need and what we can achieve.

It covers more than just CO2 emissions. There are many ways to measure your sustainability and it all adds up. During this first phase, we are:

  • collecting the data on as much as we can, from supermarket shopping to energy providers
  • putting our personal carbon footprint into a daily, weekly or monthly carbon account, or basing it on estimates
  • collating everybody’s data into a set of numbers for the whole group

If you live in our North London area (Islington, Camden, Haringey, Hackney, Westminster or the City) and you want to get involved, we’ll need to set you up on our platform. Send us a message and we’ll run you through how it works. We meet up monthly and often in-between, we keep in touch via a discussion board, and we have a cloud platform for spreadsheets where all the data and our carbon accounts are kept.

By Adam Hardy

Zoologist at heart. Environmentalist by necessity. Stage hand, financial trader, secretary, card payments designer, software developer, fossil fuel big data warehouse consultant. Amateur psychologist. Now climate change salvage engineer.