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Why EcoCounts?


Wondering how you can help tackle the climate crisis?


The good news is even the smallest contributions make a difference.


Join EcoCounts by contacting us below ⬇️ and you join a community action group of like-minded people. Together we can work out the best and most inspiring ways to live more sustainable, environmentally friendly lives.


We aim to provide a community approach to a global climate crisis.

Tonnes of C02e per person per year

Target World British
Food 0.4 0.7 1.5
Home 0.2 1.1 1.9
Transport 0.7 0.8 2.4
Other 0.8 0.8 1.4

Source: CREDS, Oxford, UK. Includes direct and indirect emissions, such as those from global supply chains

EcoCounts Local Climate Action

Let’s get together and develop plans to:

  • Lower our impact as a group, each doing what we can
  • Bring about change simultaneously by demonstrating pragmatic action that can be rolled out as a blueprint to new groups in new locations
  • Build tools, a knowledge base and resources we need to tackle the climate crisis at a local level

EcoCounts Local Climate Action Ideas

Let’s share ideas for practical and affordable environmental, sustainable and nature-based solutions to help our area thrive:

  • How to track and reduce CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint
  • Re-using, repurposing and recycling
  • How we can shop and eat better 
  • How we can better manage energy and water usage
  • How we can care for nature and our built environment
  • Reaping the mental, health and financial benefits of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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